This weekend’s videos – Driving in WA

Two more Driving in Western Australia videos this weekend.

The first is from a hour’s drive around the local countryside we did during the evening


The second video is dashcam footage of the drives to both Coles and Woolworth’s collection points.

Now and then – how a rainforest regrows

Today’s video is two videos synchronised together. The first was taken in 2017 when we first visited the land with a view to buying it. At that time, the state forest that surrounded it had recently been logged. This video plays at the bottom of the screen. At the top of the screen is dashcam footage taken in January 2022 when we moved to live on The Land. The contrast in vegetation levels shows how quickly the rainforest grows back and soon after it falls in disuse a forestry track or road can become overgrown. The story of our time is The Land is in our blog: Film shot in 2022 from a dashcam in a Toyota Hilux and by handheld phone camera in a GM / Holden hire car in 2017. #trees #undergrowth #forest #regrowth #overgrown #road #toyota #dashcam #rainforest #nsw

A visit to the Coffs Harbour Dog Beach

The first video from the dashcam archive this weekend is a shortish video taken from surviving dashcam footage taken from our Toyota Hilux of a day out in and around Coffs Harbour, NSW. Taken on Friday 16th of August 2019, the filming picks us up at Bunnings Warehouse, a hardware store. We then head south to a shopping centre in Toormina before returning to Coffs Harbour where we stop at Sea Salt jetty to visit the fish and chips shop. We finish the video with a stop at the dog beach to give Flint a run. #coffsharbour #coffscoast #seasaltjetty #driving #toormina #beach #dog #toyota #dashcam #nsw

Weekend, more videos and ill-informed idiots.

Another weekend and I’m turning more dashcam and other footage into YouTube videos.

I have a load of footage taking up space on my NAS, so my idea is to make videos and then keep them, and delete the source files.

The first two this weekend are from 2019:

In other news, the shipping container has finally left site, so we now have nothing left there.

And yesterday I had a phone call from a concerned ‘neighbour’ about the logging. Pity they didn’t bother to introduce themselves in the many months I lived there, instead of leaving it until we left and then assuming that the sustainable management was clearance. I rang the logging company to be told they’d already had people walking onto the land, through the bush and appearing behind the loggers just as they were about to drop a tree. The level of stupidity is amazing, not to mention the level of entitlement that they have to think they can trespass because of their ‘environmental concerns’.

80,000 YouTube Views!

Yes, a new milestone, 80,000 YouTube views. What we need now is subscribers, we have just passed the 200 mark but we need 1000 to become a proper YouTube channel that earns revenue. If you watch our videos, please click the ‘Subscribe’ button, then you get told whenever we upload a new one and YouTube starts to increase our appearance in search results.

Crossing Australia by Toyota – Dorrigo to Ulong – 01/06/2019

I finally finished putting together a video of our final day’s travelling from when we first moved to NSW in 2019. I made a video at the time but due to bandwidth contraints it was fairly low quality. We also had continuing issues with the dashcam and lost most of the day’s driving film. I have reconstructed the journey using footage taken a few weeks later.

It was the day we finally reached Ulong, our first visit to the marvelous Ulong Post Office and its associated Cafe in The Valley.

Logging starts!

I had a phone call yesterday to say that the logging was commencing on The Land

This is not clearance and wholesale logging as you might imagine, but a skilled thinning to allow things to grow bigger and more species to develop.

The land has been carefully examined by the government and detailed maps produced the mark out the areas that are rainforest. That must not be touched. Water courses are marked and they have to be given a wide birth. And one sign of a koala and it all has to stop.

In the land that can be logged, some species of tree are protected, big trees are specimen trees and have to be left and anything with a hole in it that could provide a nesting site, is also off-limits.

This all being said, the land has been logged before we bought it, many times and quite severally. What that did was encourage a lot of growth of fast growing eucalyptus species. These have now reached a point where they are crowding out anything else and stunting each other. The solution is to go in and take it some of them. Just as a gardener pulls up some of the seedlings that come up from the seed he so carefully sowed, so a forest must be thinned. Eucalyptus grow very fast and they don’t give the other trees and plants a chance. Removing some if them let’s everything grow better and a chance of greater diversity.

There has been, and continues to be a lot of rain but the road has already been cleared and each time it isn’t too damp, they are in there removing timber.